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Do you use homemade medicine?

I am a big fan of homemade medicine. But it doesn’t mean I don’t use Western medicine. In the past, I used to use Western medicine each time I got cold and flu, stomach ache or headache. I also used antibiotics when I had a sore throat. The medicine was so effective and helped me get well very soon. I was dependent on antibiotics and Western medicine for a long time. I felt that they reduced my body resistance as I could become sick very easy.

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Since then, I have tried to use and make homemade medicine. I make a cup of honey and lemon tea for me every morning. I eat food which is made from pumpkins to avoid headaches. I wash my hair with boiled water from pomelo peels, lemongrass and green tea leaves to reduce hair loss. I love homemade medicine because it is natural and doesn’t have too much side effects. Anyway, I choose both of Western medicine and homemade medicine to protect my health.

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– An An