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A new day!

My dear,
Please wake up, wake up,
As the sun has risen on the top of the mountain.
Everything happened in the past,
Please let it go, let it go,
As today is a new day.
Everything will be up to in the future,
Please don’t worry, don’t worry,
As tormorrow starts from today.

A new day and we are new,
Let’s sing the song of hope together,
Even though, we still have many difficulties,
But together, we will overcome this.
Just be firm and be still,
Just keep a smile with everything in life,
Just play with the moon and the wind,
Together, we can do it.

A new day, today is a new day.
Let’s write our own story from today.

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Little birds

I’ve been waiting for

The sound of little birds

The sound of freedom

The sound of healing.

Where are you now, birds?

The winter has gone

The spring has just come

Why don’t I see you?

By chance on a day

When I’m still asleep

The familiar sounds wake me up

Hey birds! You make my day. ❤

– An An

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Sad, sad, and so sad
When you’re not here for me.
Angry, angry, and so angry
When you leave me alone.
Miss, miss, and miss you so much
When you don’t meet and text me.
Jealous, jealous, and so jealous
When you play with your new sweethearts.
Letting go, letting go, and letting go
Because I don’t need sadness, anger, longing, or jealousy
Be peaceful, peaceful, and peaceful
For you and for me
Stay calm, calm, and calm
Whether you come or go.
I always believe, always love, and love forever
My God inside me.

An An

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The fall

Do you see the sun today?
The sun rises with warm sunbeams,
White clouds are drifting,
The birds fly in the blue sky.

Do you hear the birds singing in the trees?
Sparrows, nightingales, and I don’t know,
The sound of children from all over the streets,
The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming.

Do you smell the scent around here?
The flavor of ripe guava fruits,
The fragrance of Moon cakes from the kitchen,
Have you ever tasted this?

Walking on the roads,
Feeling the breeze,
Do you feel that autumn is coming?
Close your eyes, and you’ll see.

An An

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A beautiful day!

I went out with Mother Earth.
As usual,
She gave me a lot of gifts:
The blue sky and white clouds,
The sound of birds in the trees,
Flowers blooming in a garden,
And tenderly,
She asked:
“My little daughter,
Do you see those weeds in the garden?
What do you think the weeds teach you in the garden of life?”
I thought for a while,
And then, I said:
“Dear Mom, like these weeds,
My friends and I are growing up and supporting one another.”
Mother Earth didn’t say anything;
She just smiled and rubbed my head.

– An An

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Who am I?
I am an ant.
I always go with my friends,
And never go alone.

Who am I?
I am a snail.
I crawl very slowly,
But I still keep going.

Who am I?
I am a bee.
I get up early,
And work hard every day.

Who am I?
I am a bird.
I spread my wings,
And learn to fly high in the blue sky.

So, who am I?
I’m just a little thing.
Please, don’t ask me who I am.
Cause, I accept me for whatever I am.

An An