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If you could be any animal, what animal would you be and why?

Have you ever asked yourself if you could be an animal, what you would be? In my case, I would be an ant for some reasons.

My first reason is, when looking at an ant from the outside, it looks so small. Sometimes, I even can’t recognize it.  However, no matter how small an ant is, it’s still pretty in my eyes as it reminds me that I need to be humble with everyone.

An ant never goes alone for the following reason. They always work and support one another. If I stop an ant with my hand, somehow the ant will use its antenna to find its friends. It’s really nice to learn from ants about their attitude towards teamwork.

And the persistent character of ants is my last reason. Day by day, ants always work hard to look for food and bring it back to their nest. They work bit by bit in no rush.  

All the reasons above persuaded me to be an ant if I had a chance, as ants have many good characters for me to learn from, and I can apply them in life.

-An An

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A new day!

My dear,
Please wake up, wake up,
As the sun has risen on the top of the mountain.
Everything happened in the past,
Please let it go, let it go,
As today is a new day.
Everything will be up to in the future,
Please don’t worry, don’t worry,
As tormorrow starts from today.

A new day and we are new,
Let’s sing the song of hope together,
Even though, we still have many difficulties,
But together, we will overcome this.
Just be firm and be still,
Just keep a smile with everything in life,
Just play with the moon and the wind,
Together, we can do it.

A new day, today is a new day.
Let’s write our own story from today.

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Stay safe and sound

Dear Avalokiteshvara,

It’s pouring rain tonight. I’ve not slept yet and I want to share with you some things. You know, the world has been suffering a lot due to Covid 19. Almost everyone has fear, anxiety, and panic during this tough time.

I was scared too. I couldn’t sleep well for a few days. But thanks to you, I know that I’m not alone. And the world is not alone as well.

Dear Avalokiteshvara,

Please stand by me, please stand by everyone.

Please help us out. Please sending the miracle water to the world.

By your side, I’m full of love. By your side, I’m strong enough to overcome this.

May everyone in the world get well soon, may everyone in the world stay safe and sound.

May the world be at peace.

I love you, Avalokiteshavara.

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Little birds

I’ve been waiting for

The sound of little birds

The sound of freedom

The sound of healing.

Where are you now, birds?

The winter has gone

The spring has just come

Why don’t I see you?

By chance on a day

When I’m still asleep

The familiar sounds wake me up

Hey birds! You make my day. ❤

– An An

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Happy Lunar New Year 2020!

25 th January 2020

Dear Phat,

Finally, I’ve made it to 2020. Because; today was the first day of the Lunar New year. I was so excited to celebrate it. In the morning, my family and I visited my grandma. She turns 103 years old this year. I’m glad to know she is still in good health, it makes me complete. After visiting my grandma, my family stopped by our relatives. It was great to see the happy smiles on their faces. You know, 2020 is the year of the rat. And, it’s also my year, as I was born in the year of the rat. So, I think and believe that I will have a meaningful and amazing year in 2020. My day ended by receiving a lot of lucky money. What a prosperous day, was’t it Phat? By the way, on this special day, I want to pray and wish everyone a wonderful year. ❤

Thanks for always being here, and listening to me,

I love you, Phat. ❤

An An

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Sad, sad, and so sad
When you’re not here for me.
Angry, angry, and so angry
When you leave me alone.
Miss, miss, and miss you so much
When you don’t meet and text me.
Jealous, jealous, and so jealous
When you play with your new sweethearts.
Letting go, letting go, and letting go
Because I don’t need sadness, anger, longing, or jealousy
Be peaceful, peaceful, and peaceful
For you and for me
Stay calm, calm, and calm
Whether you come or go.
I always believe, always love, and love forever
My God inside me.

An An

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The fall

Do you see the sun today?
The sun rises with warm sunbeams
White clouds are drifting
A bird flies in the blue sky.

Do you hear the birds singing in the trees?
Sparrows, nightingales, and I don’t know
The sound of children from all over the streets
The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming.

Do you smell the scent around here?
The flavor of ripe guava fruits,
The fragane of Moon cakes from the kitchen,
Have you ever tasted this?

Walking on the roads
Feeling the breeze
Do you feel that autumn is coming?
Close your eyes and you will see.

An An

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Why do I love baking?

I remember when I was a young child. I used to wish that my birthday was coming. As I would receive many gifts from my friends and I would have a birthday cake. The birthday cakes in my birthday parties were decorated so impressively and they were so delicious. I wished I could make a birthday cake by myself. At that time, it seemed impossible because I needed to buy an oven, but it was so expensive and I didn’t have enough money to buy it. After many years, I decided to buy an oven at the end of 2017. That meant my dream came true. Since I bought the oven, I was so excited to learn about baking. I started to make the Choux pastry, and I was successful at the first time. But, the second time, I failed. I tried again and again to find out why I failed and how to solve my problems. After one month, when I could make the perfect Choux pastry, I started to make birthday cakes. That was the first time I knew how to make a birthday cake, I could make a sponge cake, chiffon cake or butter cake… and then decorate it.

Baking makes me feel calm, relaxed and happy because after I make it, I can share my joy with my family and my friends. With baking, I feel free to try new recipes, fail and try again until I can make it. Tasting something new that I make, makes me happy. That’s why I love baking very much.

Happy baking! 🙂

– An An

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A beautiful day!

I went out with Mother Earth.
As usual,
She gave me a lot of gifts:
The blue sky and white clouds,
The sound of birds in the trees,
Flowers blooming in a garden,
And tenderly,
She asked:
“My little daughter,
Do you see those weeds in the garden?
What do you think the weeds teach you in the garden of life?”
I thought for a while,
And then, I said:
“Dear Mom, like these weeds,
My friends and I are growing up and supporting one another.”
Mother Earth didn’t say anything;
She just smiled and rubbed my head.

– An An