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What are you greatful for during this pandemic?

I work in the hospitality industry. Because of COVID-19, no foreign guests are able to enter Vietnam. Which means Vietnam tourism has been going down. I have had troubles at work, as no guests are staying in our hotel.

Nobody on the street – Anan’s photo

However, during this pandemic, I’ve witnessed such beautiful things in my town that I haven’t seen them for a long time. For example, I’ve heard the sound of birds in the mountain. There are a lot of birds flying in the sky and no one catches them. I’ve seen pretty butterflies; and I could capture some photos of the butterflies in the town center, it’s really rare to run into insects since tourism has developed where I live.

A butterfly – Anan’s photo

Even though I might have some difficulties at work, it’s not a big deal, as I feel that the environment in my town has improved so much. It also means the Earth has been healing and I’m grateful for that.

– An An

2 thoughts on “What are you greatful for during this pandemic?

  1. Indeed there are things to be grateful for. I think we started to realize what’s really important in our life. Nature, climate and environment. But also contact with other people, our familymembers and friends. A spontaneous way of getting along with each other, a way of meeting each other without thinking of measures…. But until everything is getting back to normal we will enjoy your beautifull photos of mesmerizing butterflies.

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    1. Hi Trudi,

      Thanks so much for dropping by. “A way of meeting each other without thinking of measures”, I like this point and I couldn’t agree with you more.

      Thanks again for your sharing, Trudi 😀

      Wishing you a lovely weekend with your loved ones!

      – An An


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