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Stay safe and sound

Dear Avalokiteshvara,

It’s pouring rain tonight. I’ve not slept yet and I want to share with you some things. You know, the world has been suffering a lot due to Covid 19. Almost everyone has fear, anxiety, and panic during this tough time.

I was scared too. I couldn’t sleep well for a few days. But thanks to you, I know that I’m not alone. And the world is not alone as well.

Dear Avalokiteshvara,

Please stand by me, please stand by everyone.

Please help us out. Please sending the miracle water to the world.

By your side, I’m full of love. By your side, I’m strong enough to overcome this.

May everyone in the world get well soon, may everyone in the world stay safe and sound.

May the world be at peace.

I love you, Avalokiteshavara.

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