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The fall

Do you see the sun today?
The sun rises with warm sunbeams
White clouds are drifting
A bird flies in the blue sky.

Do you hear the birds singing in the trees?
Sparrows, nightingales, and I don’t know
The sound of children from all over the streets
The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming.

Do you smell the scent around here?
The flavor of ripe guava fruits,
The fragane of Moon cakes from the kitchen,
Have you ever tasted this?

Walking on the roads
Feeling the breeze
Do you feel that autumn is coming?
Close your eyes and you will see.

An An

2 thoughts on “The fall

    1. Hi Trudi,

      Thanks for dropping by to read my poem and thanks for always supporting me. I’m glad to hear you can feel and smell all the tastes.

      Wishing you a beautiful day,

      – An An


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