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Why do I love baking?

I remember when I was a young child. I used to wish that my birthday was coming. As I would receive many gifts from my friends and I would have a birthday cake. The birthday cakes in my birthday parties were decorated so impressively and they were so delicious. I wished I could make a birthday cake by myself. At that time, it seemed impossible because I needed to buy an oven, but it was so expensive and I didn’t have enough money to buy it. After many years, I decided to buy an oven at the end of 2017. That meant my dream came true. Since I bought the oven, I was so excited to learn about baking. I started to make the Choux pastry, and I was successful at the first time. But, the second time, I failed. I tried again and again to find out why I failed and how to solve my problems. After one month, when I could make the perfect Choux pastry, I started to make birthday cakes. That was the first time I knew how to make a birthday cake, I could make a sponge cake, chiffon cake or butter cake… and then decorate it.

Baking makes me feel calm, relaxed and happy because after I make it, I can share my joy with my family and my friends. With baking, I feel free to try new recipes, fail and try again until I can make it. Tasting something new that I make, makes me happy. That’s why I love baking very much.

Happy baking! 🙂

– An An

2 thoughts on “Why do I love baking?

  1. I loved your writing here. I can share your feelings about baking. Unfortunately I can’t use my hands anymore that frequently due to artrosis. That’s why I’m spending my time now on English.


    1. Thanks for your sharing. Yes, having arthrosis could be hard for you to bake or do something. But I’m happy because you’re still being active. May good health and happiness always be with you. 🙏


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